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Pasteleion begun as a single 50 gram bar made of pieces of almonds mixed with thyme honey and melted dried fruits, rolled on sesame seeds. After a successful five years period and with growing sales in Greece and many other European Countries, its owner and producer decided to create a series of healthy bars out of the numerous different recipes he had been experimenting with all these years keeping their pure materials philosophy intact. We developed a modern visual language that retains the playful character of the owner and at the same time creates a clear and concise colour code for the consumer.

“The contemporary, industrial diseases, of epidemic dimensions, from which our society suffers, are mainly because of lack of basic nutritional elements. The reason behind is the separation of food in under-products for extreme utilization in order to increase the profit, ignoring the fact that all substances and organisms in nature act together in every procedure.”

PASTELEION, The Original 50g
PASTELEION, Chocolate 45g
PASTELEION, Peanut 45g
PASTELEION, Chocolate+Peanut 45g
SUPERBAR, Peanut 50g
January 2016
Packaging + Web Design
Items: 10X10cm packages
Full stationary items