For 2014’s season, MARE gallery organized a series of three innovative exhibitions. We designed the banners, invitations as well as produced three distinct original handmade pouches to hold each exhibition’s brochure. The brochures were designed as separate cart-postals ready to be sent as a gift from the gallery. Quoting Sofia Mavroudis, the gallery curator for the exhibitions’ themes:

A castle in the air is another universe, a microcosm with its own rules of reality. A parallel world to the real world, another way of being. Hope, phantasy and imagination merged with fears, doubts, memories and wishful thinking – this absentminded state of consciousness of DAYDREAMING.

With a different spatial definition than the one we are used to, the work of the four artists participating in this exhibition suggest a concept where nothing is as we know it. With aspects taken from reality, they deal with issues of lost time, fear, longing, love, loneliness and beauty – all very “real” and understandable matters, in their impalpable way of existing.

Ιχνογραφία [ichnografía] from the Greek word ίχνος [íchnos] noun = trace/track/footprint/clue and the Greek word γράφω [gráfo]verb, from the word γραφή [grafí] noun = writing/script/written language/means of communication. To be traceless.

Helene Pavlopoulou’s colours, rhythm and patterns will end the second season of Mare gallery. Her big, bold and vibrant paintings take the human body to other dimensions making it larger-than-life and solid, strong, fragile and aethereal at the same time.

MARE Summer 2014
Summer 2014
MARE Gallery
illustration, graphic design, packaging
item: three handmade fabric pouches, custom stamps, post cards materials: sack fabric, cotton fabric, cardboard, acrylic paint