Hotel OFF was inspired by the human need for detachment from the everyday life. Our philosophy is based upon the “switching off” of all the things that preoccupy and tire us. The building that houses OFF hotel today is located on the historical area Topanas, perhaps the most beautiful part of the old town, on the boundaries of the Jewish quarter of Chania. According to the historical sources, it was built by the Venetians during the 13th century, on the ruins of an arabic hammam (baths) of the 9th century. it became part of the Venetian administrative buildings.

hotel off room fouaye. sculpture of Manousos Chalciadakis

When the island of Crete passed to the hands of the Ottoman Empire, the building was housing a large noble family of unknown origin.

During this period, large changes and additions were made to the inside and outside of it, to serve the needs of this family. Part of it was turned again into Turkish baths, while its yard was used to feed and rest people and animals, thanks to three wells that were situated there.

The water of the wells was coming through an underground river flowing down from the White Mountains. Part of this river still exists and can be observed at the eastern side of the building. In recent history, it hosted an eminent family of local merchants.

Since 1990, it became the residence of the Isaiah Family, who came from Asia Minor.

Member of this family is the renowned artist George Isaiah, who lives in Hamburg Germany. His output includes paintings, sculptures, etchings and jewelry.

George Isaiah has channelled his artistic sensitivity in the restoration of the building, leaving untouched its elements and using exclusively natural materials. As a result, his energy and love for this building can still be felt in all its areas.

Hotel OFF
June 2015
Hotel OFF