DYO Suites

Luxury Boutique Hotel Branding

Dyo Suites is the child of the collaboration between two of the most creative agencies in Crete, NEXT Design and KANENAS design. Our goal was to push the boundaries of what a Hotel experience could be like today, and where state-of-the-art technology can be used to enhance today’s guests’ comfort, relaxation and immersive potential.

Construction materials were transformed to elements of the periodic table, and the latter became ideas that fuelled our graphic design process, all giving life to a broad branding concept

Inspired by NEXT’s bold vision, KANENAS pushed its own expressive boundaries. With a strong academical background on architecture, spatial experience design and motion graphics, we opened up this vision to the digital realm, merging the ever inspiring nature’s elements to today’s unparalleled expressive abilities of 3d visualisation software.

Each material was physically modelled and rendered in 3d and all liquids and fragments were realistically simulated to capture the essence of each element representing each suite as accurately as possible. Creative freedom was taken at all stages so that the main branding concept of mystery and high-tech could manifest out every final image.

Dyo Suites was build from the ground up to become the most technologically advanced hotel in Crete. Our briefing was "Check in to your suite, unlock your door effortlessly, control each aspect of your suite's automation such as lighting scheme, temperature, and do-not-disturb signs. Your suite in your hands."

A series of glass panels with minimalistic, readable iconography were designed to cover all the interior suite needs as well as the corridor and hotel exterior control panels and switches. The logotypes of the suites were laser cut on acrylic panels behind a layer of glass which was fitted to touch sensitive surfaces receiving the guest input.

"We always strive to offer the ultimate accomodation experience tailored perfectly to your personal needs and desires. Through the personal service system, we choose and organize exclusive offers from a wide range of options utilizing an experienced network of partners."

The Dyo Suites experience is built on a system of personalized services for each suite and guest. According the guest's profile, a personalized welcome pack is created which contains both the suite's guest info and necessary information as well as the first folder of a series of suite "service packs".

Dyo Suites
April 2017
NEXT Design
branding, motion graphics, web design
items: luxury welcome pack case, signage, stationery materials: acrylic laser cuts, foil prints and silkscreen on rag paper
glass panels, signage, rag paper, acrylic